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November 27, 2010
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DarkOne v3.1 by tedgo DarkOne v3.1 by tedgo
This is the successor of DarkOne v2.1 for foobar2000
If you are interested in the new design line of DarkOne please see DarkOne v4


DarkOne3 only works properly in resolutions at 1024*x or higher!

Version 3.1
* updated: component package
* removed: enabling windows scripting host through batch file
* removed: additional dll's for waveform seekbar (are included now)
* updated: components package
* added: needed dll's for waveform seekbar (temporarily)
* updated: component package
* added: Lyric Show Panel 3
* added: switchable scrollbar for panels in LIB button
* added: some options to cover panel
* added: enhanced context menu of volume knob
* changed: small cosmetic updates
* updated: components package to latest versions
* fixed: Rating Panel now works for Audio CD too
* fixed: some small code improvements
* removed: own made wsh lyrics panel
* removed: own %band% tag remapping (obsolete since foobar2000 v1.1.6)

Version 3.0.1
* updated component package
* updated component package
* fixed: components installation on XP
* fixed: Various Artists image in ELPlaylist and MiniPlaylist
* updated: EsPlaylist
* fixed: Play icon in ELPlaylist
* changed: made Rating Display more conveniant
(read more about in the new Manual.pdf, chapters 2.21, and

Version 3.0
* added: EsPlaylist as "graphical browser"
* added: Waveform seekbar with a simple setup
* updated: components package to latest versions
* changed: DarkOne-files now copied to the ...foobar2000themes folder
* changed: Components are now copied to %appdata%foobar2000user-components to meet component update option introduced in foobar2000 v1.1
* changed: behaviour of Rating Panel and Rating Display in the playlists to meet new functionality in foo_playcount 3.0
* changed: readme file, german and english user guide's now merged into one "manual.pdf" (can be found in the ...foobar2000themesDarkOne folder)
* fixed: Lyrics Panel now works with foo_lyricsgrabber2
* fixed: ELPlaylist now respects CUI colour/fonts settings (as possible)

The archive contains the following components (the latest versions available at 2014-02-07):
Album List Panel, Columns UI and libpng-libraries
Biography View Panel, Channel Spectrum Panel, ELPlaylist, EsPlaylist and Panel Stack Splitter
Lyric Show Panel 3
Peakmeter Spectrum component
Playback Statistics
Quick Search Toolbar
Waveform seekbar
WSH Panel mod

This config has its official thread on the german foobar-users forum
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iMeier Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Hallo tedgo, danke erst einmal für diesen Skin!

Ich habe vor zwei Tagen mein Betriebsystem neu installiert. (Foobar v1.3.6 + DarkOne 3.1)
Leider habe ich nun ein kleines Problem was ich vor der installation nicht hatte.

Die Vertical splitter für Artist etc. hatten vor der neuinstallation einen Schieberegler. Ich kann zwar auch
über die jeweiligen Anfangsbuchstaben den Artist innerhalb der Liste springen aber optimal ist das nicht.

Ich dachte die Schieberegler würden automatisch aktiviert sobald die Listenlänge die aktuelle Fenstergröße
sprengt, da lag ich wohl falsch. Unter Colums UI>Layout kann ich leider auch nichts finden.

Würde mich über jede Hilfe sehr freuen

Gruß iMeier
DeadSoulless Featured By Owner Edited Oct 5, 2014  New member
Installed DarkOne, but some of the panels have the message "Aw, crashed" and there is a few windows with error "Scripting Engine Initialization Failed (DarkOne Volume Knob Panel v3.1 by Br3tt and T.P Wang, modified by tedGo, CODE: 0x800401f3): Invalid class string". There are different panel names and codes for each window.
What can I do to fix this?

Also thanks for good work, your Skin is awesome.
tedgo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Is it possible that you have still an old foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod.dll in ...\foobar2000\components folder?
If so, please delete it here!
The correct working one is in user-components folder ;)
DeadSoulless Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  New member
there is no such dll in \foobar2000\components folder. I also don't have "\foobar2000\user-components" folder. Is that wierd?
to make things clear: I've just installed foobar2000 v1.3.3 from official web-site and Dark one frome link above (yes, I followed the instructions).
I had previos version (it was portable foobar with dark one v2) and it was acting same way after some point (can't really tell what caused the problem), I deleted it and installed new one (hoping it will work). Also I've tried different versions (v4, some packages with all-ready foobar with dark one from other resourses), they all showed me the same things "Aw, crashed :(". Hope you can help.
tedgo Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014
Have you disabled windows scripting host on your system?
oceanorigami Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
The best theme available, no garbage here. This is coded well, no half done attempt. Thanks
tedgo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014
Thanks :)
abbisda Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Great work..tedgo.
Iam able to display it like the first pic.
How to display the artwork in the middle? ...Display the panel exactly like the 'Gary Newman' pic above?
Some help would be appreciated.
tedgo Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Above the playlist view there are three buttons (right hand).
Hit the third from left ;)
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